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August: New Month, New Goals

August marketing goals

My good friend said the other day she feels like the last 4 months lasted the space of a week, and I'm sure lots of you feel the exact same way. Lockdown was a strange experience, to say the least!

Yet time doesn't stand still and here we are starting another new month. We're one step closer to Christmas (I know, I know, how dare I mention the 'C' word), but when you're in marketing your daily life is spent thinking a couple of months ahead. Social media, website content, seasonal campaigns; everything needs to be planned in advance or you'll fall behind in your sales and behind your competitors.

Marketing and Social Media Content Planning Advice

Now is the best time to plan your Autumn/Winter campaigns, or if you really can't think that far ahead, at least plan until the end of August. I'm not a huge fan of 'awareness days', but I put together a small list of upcoming ones that might inspire you for content ideas. Some of them are also a great excuse to drink more prosecco or eat more cake:

6th August - Cycle to Work Day

8th August - International Cat Day

10th August - Afternoon Tea Week

13th August - National Prosecco Day

19th August - World Photo Day

At the start of every month I also like to look back on what I've achieved the month before, and write down 3 goals (big or small) that I can work towards.

Elle Marketing Brand New Website

In July I officially branded and launched my freelance business, even though I'd already been running for 3 years! I helped my very good friend take the plunge and launch her own brownie business. I also gained a new client who has lots of exciting plans ahead, and I get to be involved which is very exciting.

3 things I want to achieve this month are:

  1. Increase my social followers on Facebook and Instagram

  2. Post social content every day

  3. Increase my website visits by 50%

Big or small, a goal is a goal and I'm going to be working towards these 3 in the coming weeks.

What about you?

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