• Laura King

Don't Worry, Everyone Makes Mistakes

I was reading a book the other day, and there were so many typos and grammatical errors, I had to put it down. It might seem a little dramatic, but mistakes like that in a published and printed novel shouldn't be there, and the fact that they were, tainted the rest of the book for me.

I'm not saying that one spelling mistake or the misplacement of a comma will mean you won't get your dream job. But errors like that will be noticed, and they will affect what the recruitment consultant thinks of your job application, or what score your university lecturer gives all your hard work. After all, they don't know you personally so they can only judge you on your work, right?

I've been to uni, I understand. I used to read and re-read my essays before submitting them, just to make sure I'd caught everything. And I'm a stickler for detail! But you can't beat a fresh pair of eyes.

And I mean real eyes. Not the spelling and grammar finder on Word, or an online service which you find out too late is set to American English (I've seen it happen!). You need eyes that understand the layout of your essay, the way the footnotes should be annotated in the body of the text, the correct use of its & it's and you're & your. Does your paragraph read right? Have you used formal language? Have you engaged the relevant structure in your writing, depending on the topic? Have you remembered to use PEEL?

A lot more work goes into writing a body of text than some might think, doesn't it?

Some people struggle more than others, some people just need a quick once over before they submit, but absolutely everyone makes mistakes. Don't let silly little ones affect something bigger.

Submit your UCAS application with satisfaction. Submit your next essay knowing it's been throughly checked. Submit your dream job application safe in the knowledge you've given yourself the best chance possible.

Send me a message to find out more info about my proofreading and editing service here, and let's work together to make sure whatever you're writing is error free :)

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