• Laura King

You're not alone in thinking you don't have time...

...for social media and everything else that comes under the 'marketing' umbrella of running a business.

It can be overwhelming, especially because it seems to constantly change! There's always some new algorithm on Instagram, or there's a new competitor on Google, a better website design, or a new blog post every week.

Where are you supposed to find the time to keep up with all of that?

That's where I come in.

I began my marketing journey over 7 years ago at Fenwick department store in Tunbridge Wells. Back then Instagram was no where near as widely used as it is now, and I was the first person to start up a business account for the store. From there I went on to work at a marketing agency in Penshurst, then took on a role as a Brand Manager in Kings Hill, until finally I decided to take the plunge and work for myself.

I've been providing freelance marketing and social media support for brands and businesses around Kent for over 3 years now! How time flies.

The clients I've been lucky enough to work with have all been wonderful, each with a different need or scope of work, which means I've had variation in my work each day and got to learn about a wide range of different businesses.

From planning and running social media for Thomas Cook Airlines (who are sadly no longer with us), to designing a bespoke eCommerce Wix website for Country Kitchen Brownies, to crafting a logo design for Aesthetics by Jeni, I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunities I've had as a freelance marketing consultant.

See who else I've worked with on my website.

My aim is to provide marketing and social media services for smaller brands and businesses across Kent. I love to support small businesses on a personal level, but I know how much the marketing side of a business can weigh on an owner's mind.

So if you're thinking 'that sounds like me!', I'd love to hear from you.

And if you'd like to keep up to date with other blogs I write, which I'm hoping will be chock full of useful marketing knowledge and social media tips, then make sure you subscribe so you don't miss a post. You can do this at the very bottom of this page.

Thanks for reading :)

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