• Laura King

When a Website Project Is Launched

...it's the best feeling!

Bringing a website to fruition takes hours of creative work, technical thinking and strategising to ensure the user experience, SEO and design are performing their best. So when it all goes live, everything looks as it should and the client is totally happy, I always feel a proud moment regardless of how small or big the project.

I've designed quite a few websites now, and feel like my style is really starting to show itself in the projects I undertake. I love to work with clean cut design elements to create page structures that are user friendly and uncomplicated.

www.bizzylizzysironing.co.uk has just launched and I felt that proud moment once again.

My client liked it so much, she asked me to bring the design of her primary site www.bizzylizzys.co.uk in line, making both sites coherent and more obvious to the customer that they're part of the same business.

What about you? What do you think of this website design? Let me know in the comments :)

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